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Random Jobs

provide 1000 Real Targeted Adult Visitors to your site

I will provide 1000 Real Targeted... for $5

The adult industry is one of the biggest and because of this it is very, very competitive. In a... Read more

by SocialMaster 
code in C,CPP,Java or Python

I will code in C,CPP,Java or Python for $5

Myself: I'm Oded and I'm a professional programmer, with over 5 years of experience in software... Read more

by odd100 
proofread and critique 3,000 words of your manuscript or ebook

I will proofread and critique... for $10

I will proofread your (English) manuscript, up to 3,000 words. I will note any errors in grammar,... Read more

by Writergirl1215 
install & update your wordpress website theme

I will install & update your... for $25

With my large experience on the platform, I can help you for your wordpress website theme setup... Read more

by rekha 
show you that weight loss has never been easier the sure fire way to loss the pounds and love doing it

I will show you that weight loss... for $10

I will give you best way to loss that stubborn body fat and love yourself again in my very simple... Read more

by GothicEgoist 

Top Rated Jobs

send you 15 pics of me in cute lingerie

I will send you 15 pics of me in... for $5

Take a peek at me in one of my favorite lingerie sets: a cotton bra with colorful stripes and... Read more

by MoiraDee 
solve your Calculus problems

I will solve your Calculus problems for $4

I'm a Mathematics major available to help you out with your Calculus problems. Please ask me... Read more

by Srp428 
write a positive book review

I will write a positive book review for $5

I will give you an extremely positive review for your Book, and I will mention whatever you want... Read more

by Targaryen 
send you my sexy rocker pics

I will send you my sexy rocker pics for $10

I'll send you a set of 12 pics of me in my sexy rocker outfit, with boots and black tattered... Read more

by MoiraDee 
Submit Your Ad To 500 Facebook Groups

I will Submit Your Ad To 500... for $4

I will submit your ad to 500 Facebook Groups and will send you 10 Screen Shots of your ad to... Read more

by steve25537